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Special Materials

BCSWA offers, for Brown County residents, 2 separate annual collection days, one for Tires and another day for household chemicals and motor oil. BCSWA contracts with companies specialized and/or licensed in the handling of those materials to collect and then recycle or dispose of them properly.

Thanks to everyone that participated in our

Household Hazardous Waste Days, and our Tire Amnesty Day.

We had a wonderful turnout for all our events!

The schedule for 2024 Township Clean-Ups and HHW Days and Tire Day will be announced in the Spring.

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How do I get rid of .... ?         The following info is for residential users; Businesses may have different disposal/recycling rules.

Yrd Wst Dropoff 1.png

Yard WasteBrown County residents may drop off their yard waste (self serve, you unload) during daylight hours, 7 days per week, at the Adams Brown Recycling (ABR) Yard Waste Drop-off. No yard waste from business allowed. 

Do not leave any bags, lumber, or root balls.

Adams Brown Recycling (ABR)

9262 Mt. Orab PIke

Georgetown, OH 45121


Mon - Fri 9am - noon, 12:30 - 4pm

Saturday 9am - 2pm

TV's & Electronics - All electronics, and peripherals, are accepted at ABR year round, though you don't receive $ for them. There is a charge for tv's and monitors:

  • tv's & computer monitors ... .40 cents per lb

  • if a monitor is paired with a computer there is not any charge for the monitor

Light bulbs

​Fluorescent Bulbs  - If residents wish to recycle their used and/or broken fluorescent bulbs or tubes, ABR offers that service for a small charge - 

  • compact fluorescent bulbs...  .25 cents each

  • fluorescent tubes ...  .25 per foot 

  • broken bulbs are $2/lb and

      must be in a neat, sealed, package

​Incandescent bulbs (filament type) - When incandescent bulbs burn out or break, they should be put into your garbage. They cannot be recycled, and they should not be put into curbside or recycling drop off boxes.

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Batteries - Different types of batteries have different requirements for disposal and/or recycling -

  • single use Alkaline batteries, like A, AA, AAA, C, D, 9V - Alkaline batteries should go in your trash.

  • Lead acid batteries in cars, lawnmowers, etc. are paid for at Adams Brown Recycling.​

  • Lithium batteries, Li-Ion, Nickel Cadmium Ni-Cd, and Nickel Metal Hydride Ni-Mh. These batteries are found in laptops, cell phones, hearing aids, and all types of cordless tools. DO NOT put Lithium batteries in your trash, or in curbside or drop-off recycling. They may cause a fire.

  • Brown County resident may take their Li-Ion, Ni-Cd, and Ni-Mh to the annual Household Hazardous Waste Collection Day, held in the summer. Or, most Lowe's and Best Buy's have drop off's for these batteries, but call first.

LED bulbs - Put burned out or broken LED in your garbage. .

Appliances - Appliances, from toasters to freezers, are accepted year round at ABR, There is a charge to recycle 

freon-bearing appliances: 

  • refrigerators & freezers ... $10 charge

  • air conditioners & dehumidifiers ...  $5 charge

Paint - Liquid paint is not accepted by garbage pickup services, or at the landfill. Hardened/dry/non liquid paint may go to the landfill, and drying paint to put with your garbage pickup is a preferred option to deal with your leftover paint.


For small quantities of paint

  • using a piece of cardboard, spread out, or paint, the leftover paint onto the cardboard

  • once dry, put the painted cardboard in your trash

  • put the empty paint bucket in your trash

For large quantities of paint

  • using a stick, stir in kitty litter, sawdust, or      torn up newspaper

  • leave the lid off, and move the paint to a spot where it cannot be accessed by kids or animals

  • once the paint has dried, it can go out for your garbage pickup, but leave lids off so garbage pickup staff can see that the paint is dry

Motor Oil - small quantities of used motor oil are accepted free of charge at Seip's Auto Parts in Georgetown, and most WalMart Tire & Lube, and 

Auto Zones. Call first.

Tires - Tires are accepted year-round, for a fee, at the Rumpke Georgetown landfill. Tires must be brought directly to the landfill and are not accepted with regular curbside garbage pickup.

Rumpke Georgetown Landfill     937-378-4126

9427 Beyers Rd.   Georgetown, OH 45121

Propane Tanks - Auxier Gas in Batavia has a drop-off for small tanks. Call first. 513-724-7700

Prescription drugs and medications - there is a drop off container at the Georgetown Police Dept, 108 E. State St., Georgetown. And there is a drop off at CVS, Georgetown, inside near the pharmacy counter.

Cooking Oil - Brown County residents may bring their used cooking oil to the annual Household Hazardous Waste Day. Or, line a box with a sturdy plastic bag, add kitty litter, sawdust, or lots of shredded newspaper, and add waste cooking oil. Once the liquid is absorbed, tie the bag closed and the box can go in your garbage, now that the oil is no longer in liquid form.

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Ink Toner Cartridges - Georgetown Office Supply accepts ink and toner cartridges. Call for business hours.  937-378-2000.

Flags - US Flags may be left at the designated drop-off located outside American Legion Post 180, at 1001 S. Main St., Georgetown, for proper disposal.

Plastic Bags - Clean and dry plastic bags may be left at designated grocery store drop off boxes. The plastic bag

drop-off boxes are located inside the store and labeled for plastic bag recycling only. DO NOT put plastic bags in your curbside recycling and DO NOT take them to community

recycling boxes. Go to what types of plastic bags may be recycled. 

Kroger, Walmart, Target, and Meijer

all have drop off boxes for clean & dry plastic bags.

Clothes & Household items - call first

  • Helping Hands, Georgetown 937-378-6942

  • Hope Emergency, Fayetteville  937-364-1055

  • Russellville Church of Christ (no furniture)      


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