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Adams Brown Recycling (ABR) 

The ABR Education Specialist offers presentations, tours of the ABR recycling plant, and more. ABR is a private non-profit organization and a division of ABCAP.

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  • presentations for youth groups, adult groups and meetings, school programs, etc

  • tours at the Adams Brown Recycling plant, about 30-45 minutes, are available to small or large groups, call to schedule 

  • Green Machine display - for use at fairs, festivals, etc.

  • Event Container Loan Program - Recycling Containers are available to be borrowed short term for local festivals, special events, weddings, church events, etc.

​937-378-3431  x104

The 2024 Brown County Solid Waste Authority Scholarship

Due by April 12, 2024

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Brown County Soil & Water Conservation District 

(Brown County SWCD)

The Education Specialist for the Brown County SWCD provides the following educational services -

  • school programs

  • organizes & conducts Green Camp, a free, 3-day,

      day-camp, offered yearly to registered students that

      have completed 4th or 5th grades

  • plans and hosts Backyard Composting workshops

937-378-4424  x4

706 S. Main St., Georgetown, OH 45121

link to Brown Co. Soil & Water Conservation District

Ohio State University Extension, Brown County

The OSU Extension office promotes recycling among the approximately 30 4-H clubs, organizes the Litter Hunt at the Brown County Fair, and promotes proper waste management of pesticide containers, veterinary medicine, etc. in the agricultural community.

325 W. State St., Bldg. B   Georgetown, OH 45121


link to OSU Extension website

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