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Please call me at 378-3431 extension 104 or send an email message to: wlawhorn@abcap.net


Presentations For Schools
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 Pre School & Kindergarten
First Grade
Second & Third Grades
Fourth & Fifth Grades
Sixth thru Eighth Grades
High School 


The Green Machine
The Green Machine is our traveling display used to teach about recycling and taking care of our environment. It can be seen at local fairs and festivals. The Green Machine is also available to come to your event or school to accompany a presentation from our Education Coordinator!

We welcome the public to schedule a tour of our Georgetown facility throughout the year! Begin with a discussion about recycling and why it's important. Then proceed to the buying area where you will get to see items we purchase, hopefully watch aluminum cans take a ride on the conveyor belt, and get the whole group weighed on our large item scale! After that, continue on the tour to the tipping and sorting area to see the process recyclables take after they are collected from curbside or the drop-boxes. End the tour with a trip to the Glass reFactory and learn how we take recycled glass bottles, jars, and jugs and turn them into beautiful sun-catchers.
Call today to schedule your tour! 937-378-3431 extension 104 

ContactAdams Brown Recycling
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Kids LOVE read-alouds! These are some of the books that teach about recycling.
 "The Adventures of a Plastic Bottle" by Alison Inches

"Bangalee" by Stephen Cosgrove 
 "Composting" by Robin Koontz 

"Compost Stew" by Mary McKenna Siddals


"Dinosaurs to the Rescue! A guide to protecting our planet" by Laurie Krasny Brown and Marc Brown


 "The Great Trash Bash" by Loreen Leedy
 "I am Planet Earth" by Jean Marzollo

 "The Lorax" by Dr. Seuss - read on video with great sound affects!





"Michael Recycle" by Ellie Bethel

 "Michael Recycle Meets Litterbug Doug" by Ellie Bethel

 "Michael Recycle and the Tree Top Cops" by Ellie Patterson  

"Recycle!" by Gail Gibbons
"Round and Round Again" by Nancy Van Laan
 "This is Our Earth" by Laura Lee Benson
 "The Wartville Wizard" by Don Madden
 "What Does it Mean to be Green?" by Rana DiOrio

 "What Does it Mean to be Green?" by Lisa S. French

 "Where Does the Garbage go?" by Paul Showers 


Crafts - These crafts are great ways to reuse items and teach children about reusing!
Plastic bottles

Self Watering Planter 
Stamps - flowers or snowflakes
Bubble Fun 
Mini Composter 
Ring Toss or Bowling 
Plastic Lids 

Bird Feeders
Wind Chimes 
Cereal Boxes
Storage for magazines, papers, etc. 
Shirt Bags 
Super Hero Cape 
New Crayons 

Christmas Ornaments 
Egg Cartons
Turtles or use pipe cleaners for the feet and a pompom for the head!
Grass caterpillar 
Planter or seed starter
Paint separator - hold paint for kids 
Bird masks 
Milk Jugs
Jug Toss 
TP or Paper Towel Rolls
Heart stamps
Textured Rolling Pin 
Tubes for toys to travel through
Bird Feeders 
Bubble Wrap 
Make your own leaves 
 Yogurt Containers
Crafts for kids 
Sites with multiple items to reuse and crafts for them! 
Creative Garden Containers

Educational Links            *****Check back for more links*****
 EPA Teacher Resources & Lesson Plans
EPA "Wastes" resources & materials 

Ohio Department of Natural Resources
Teacher Resources for all grades 
Environmental Education Network 
Amazing Environmental Organization Web Directory 
Go Green at Home 
Benefits of Recycling 
Recycling Basics 
EIA Energy Kids 
Windows on Waste - Ohio EPA  provided lesson plans
Interactive Games 

Super Sorter 
Recycling Calculator 
Energy Hog Busters 
Toxie the Cat
Recycle Works 
Michael, Michael, Go Recycle!
Videos & Songs 
Bubble Guppies Recycling clip- Season 1 episode 20

Peppa Pig Recycle
www.discoveryeducation.com - search for videos, teacher resources, and lesson plans! 
The Banana Slug String Band or search on youtube

The Berenstein Bears - Don't Pollute 1 & 2
 Paper Making Plant
Lesson Plans & Ideas
Windows on Waste 
Understanding the Waste Cycle Curriculum 
 Lesson Plans & Resources
 WEE Recyclers
Solid Waste Activities
Planet Protector Club for Kids
 The Teacher's Guide
 Other Presenters
Crystal Clear Science 
Mother's Nature 2, Inc. 
Steve Trash 
The Illusion Maker